All good things take time, including acquisitions. The acquisition of Apparkingspot is coming to an end, making us at Linky proud and looking forward to a new chapter in the company’s journey. 

ApParkingSpot is a public company with over 600 shareholders which provides a concept of renting parking spaces between individuals, organizations, and companies. By integrating ApParkingSpot’s service into Linky’s unique Platform-as-a-Service solution with seamless payment via web or QR code, the new joint company will benefit from our synergies through their respective complementary parking technology services. 

The company being acquired, Apparkingspot, has changed its name to Linky AB, meaning that all shareholders’ shares in Apparkingspot will change their name to Linky AB, which all shareholders can see in their depositary receipts. 

Another new feature is that, on Linky’s new website (, everyone can subscribe to the news posted on an ongoing basis and the shareholder newsletters sent out every quarter. With Linky’s new website’s improved graphic design, shareholders can also receive various reports for more in-depth information.  

A summary of the acquisition between Linky and Apparkingspot:

  • If the Transaction is completed, this means, among other things, that the joint venture (the “New Company”) will provide a B2B2C Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that enables companies, organizations, associations, cities, operators and individuals to easily rent, manage, maintain and charge for their inventory of parking spaces and charging stations.
  • ApParkingSpot has changed its name to Linky AB (publ).