Linky, which offers easier parking through the Progressive Web App, signs an agreement with Parkman – Sweden’s largest operator of parking garages.

Linky was started by a company builder EPTI and launched in January 2022 to solve the problem of the fragmented parking market. In Sweden alone, there are at least 17 different parking apps and providers.

Per Edlund, CEO of Parkman: “I think Linky is innovative and a great service for the consumer. We immediately jumped in when they started talking about QR code scanning and the progressive web app at the first meeting.”

The partnership has been launched in selected parking lots and will be extended to more than 200 garages and parking spaces held by Parkman in the autumn. In camera-controlled garages, customers can start parking easily via the Linky app, and payment is made automatically when they leave the garage.

“Now you no longer have to pay at the machine before you leave, or worry about getting a bill afterwards. Linky takes responsibility for paying if you’ve parked beyond your free period.” Says Linky CEO Sasa Farkas.

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