Linky has been featured in four articles in the newspaper Expressen, where the company has been renowned as “new Airbnb” and “App killer for parking spaces”.   

Linky, the industry player that will make parking easier as well as more efficient:

Linky provides a service that makes the company unique in the market. A private person does not need to use an app to park their car. By scanning the QR code or going to the link (located at the parking lot) the private person can register their parking directly in the browser, hence the nickname, “app killer”. Individuals can use Linky’s services directly on the web. 

Linky’s signs will be found at Parkman’s 77 sites in central parts of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala, Norrköping and Malmö, among others. Tens of thousands of parking spaces are ensured, thanks to a partnership with Parkman.

– This means that we can continue towards our journey of bringing all car parking spaces under Linky. The long-term ambition is for Linky to be available wherever you park. – says CEO Sasa Farkas.

Quick list of Linky’s perks: 

  • Use QR code to park your car directly in your browser. 
  • You can pay using a debit card or Apple/Google pay.
  • Linky’s website –