The only service you need to park & charge your car

Scan, pay, done. No need to bother with apps or accounts. Magical, isn’t it?

What Linky offers

One product – multiple solutions to make parking magically simple.


With Linky, you don’t need to download an app to park. Scan the sign and pay directly on the website.


If you want to see all your receipts and save your payment methods for even smoother parking and charging, download the Linky app.

Parking space

Going on a holiday with your car or by boat? With Linky, you can rent out your parking space when it’s not needed.


Linky Charge

With Linky you can charge your electric car

Do you have an available parking space?

Linky P2P

Your parking space is an unused resource, share it with others and get an extra income at the same time.
Maybe it’s only used at certain times of the day? Rent it out when it’s available!

Become a partner

Partner with Linky – the next generation parking partner! Linky offers a competitive and fully integrated mobile parking and payment solution to you and your customers.

Mobile payment

New revenue stream

Integrate everything

Full overview

Our partners:

Best parking app so far. Really makes it easier wherever you park. Great job.

Gunilla P.

So nice to be able to park and just pay for the time you're there.

Svante E.

Simple! As it should be

Filip H.

Easy and smooth to start and stop! Even paying for parking is nicely done!

Helena S.